Programs and Courses in French as a Second Language

French as a second language professors from École de langues.
Part of the French as a second language team. From left to right: Annie Desaulniers, Myra Deraîche, Josée Blanchet, Hélène Galouchko (now retired), Juliane Bertrand, Marie-Cécile Guillot, Agnès Baron, Coralie Huckel and Djaouida Hamdani.

Who Is This For?

Our French courses and programs are for students for whom French is a second or foreign language: immigrants, anglophones, or international students.


  • Perfect your French in optimal conditions with the necessary support;
  • Improve speaking, prononciation, reading, and writing in French in a professional or university setting;
  • Improve job prospects;
  • Prepare for examinations for professional orders;
  • Prepare for university studies in French;
  • Learn more about Montreal and Quebec francophone culture;
  • Obtain a university diploma that testifies your studies in French;
  • Master restaurant menus in Paris and cinéma de répertoire!

See the advantages of studying at École de langues at UQAM!


École de langues offers intermediate French as second language courses that allow you to attain a functional level. It also offers advanced courses that give you an opportunity to perfect your written and spoken French.

Several courses target specific skills: writing, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, specialized vocabulary, literature, business French, French for research, digital culture, etc.

Programs offered in French as a second Language:

A comparison of programms offered in French as a second language at UQAM (in French).

It is important to note that programs and courses offered in languages other than English and French are intended for French-speaking students and are not suited for students who do not master French.

Students who wish to take one or several individual or elective courses in French can make their course selection during the registration period. A list of courses available to all students is available online (information in French). The list of courses offered at École de langues (information in French) is available under the Programs and Courses menu item.

Placement Test

Those interested in French as second language programs or courses at the École de langues must take a placement test in order to determine their level in French. Students who have already taken French courses at UQAM do not have to take this test.



Consult the page on International activities for information on student exchanges, internships, summer schools, etc.

École de langues

École de langues at UQAM offers programs and courses in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Quebec Sign Language (langue des signes québécoise or LSQ), Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


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