École de langues offers students an education in foreign or second languages and their associated cultures, two necessary skills for succeeding in a context of globalization. Our programs focus on teaching students critical thinking and academic methodology. As such, the mission of École de langues meets the Faculty of Communication and UQAM objectives. That is to say, providing both graduate and undergraduate students an education offering greater openness to the world and to the diversity of cultures, in particular with a view to contributing to the dissemination and publication of scientific knowledge locally and internationally in a multilingual and intercultural context.

École de langues also encourages the acquisition of intercultural skills and supports students who wish to study abroad. It diversifies its activities by offering international opportunities (cooperation and student mobility), thereby facilitating linguistic immersion and intercultural exchanges.

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École de langues offers language and culture programs as well as courses in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Quebec Sign Language (Langue des signes québécoise or LSQ), Russian, and Spanish.

As part of its mission, École de langues welcomes students for whom French is a second language and who wish to improve their written and oral skills in French. These students also acquire sociocultural and linguistic skills to pursue a university degree or to integrate into a professional milieu.

Through its testing centre (Centre d’évaluation de compétences linguistique, information in French), the school provides proficiency testing in second or foreign languages for students registered in different programs at UQAM. It also develops placement tests through new technologies.

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The school takes part in the advancement of knowledge in language teaching, specifically for adults, It develops new pedagogical and didactic methods. It also maintains and develops collaborations and exchange of expertise with other departments and services at UQAM, other universities and organizations. It broadens its expertise by integrating new technologies in the teaching of languages. The school is open to all fields for which mastering another language is essential.

École de langues

École de langues at UQAM offers programs and courses in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Quebec Sign Language (langue des signes québécoise or LSQ), Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


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