Placement Tests

Do You Have To Take a Placement Test?

CasePlacement Test
You are registrering for English or French coursesYES
We don’t offer beginner’s courses in French or in Engligh, you have to take a placement test.
You have no knowledge of the language your wish to study (other than French and English)NO
You don’t have to take a placement test, you can register directly for a beginner’s class.
You have knowledge in the language you wish to studyYES
You have to take a placement test in order to register in a course level that is appropriate for you.

When to Take the Test?

Ideally: as soon as you can and before registration so you can choose one or more courses at your level (while there are still places available!).

At the latest:

  • For tests at CECL, deadlines are announced in the centre’s website;
  • For tests at École de langues or online, at the latest one week prior to the beginning of classes.

Where To Take the Placement Test?

Arabic Contact École de langues
Chinese Contact École de langues
French CECL
German Online from École de langues Website
ItalianContact École de langues
JapaneseContact École de langues
Portuguese Contact École de langues
Quebec Sign Language (Langue des signes québécoise or LSQ)Contact École de langues
RussianContact École de langues
Spanish CECL


For questions about placement tests, contact École de langues personnel.

École de langues

École de langues at UQAM offers programs and courses in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Quebec Sign Language (langue des signes québécoise or LSQ), Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


Contact Information

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