English and French Language Programs

Future students should know that UQAM is a French-speaking institution. Therefore, most information about École de langues and UQAM is in French. Communication with staff and administrative processes are also conducted in French.

We offer English and French programs and courses for people who already have a minimal knowledge of these languages. We can also offer intensive classes or summer schools in English, French or both on demand.

English Programs

Given that UQAM is a French-speaking university, it is expected that students must have a minimum level of French (information in French). Generally, this is a score of 785 on the Test de français international (TFI, information in French). However, the English certificate and micro-program require a score of 605 on the TFI in order to be admitted to these programs without having to do remedial French courses.

French Programs

Placement Tests

Those interested in English or French programs at the École de langues must take a placement test.

Summer Schools or Intensive Programs

At the request of foreign institutions, École de langues can organize a summer school or an intensive class in English, French or bilingual for a group of students. See, for exemple, the Canadian and Quebec Culture and Communication intensive class or the bilingual summer school Summer in the City.

Other Languages

École de langues offers programs and classes in other languages, but is important to note that these programs and courses are not suited for students who do not master French.


Write us with any questions you may have about our programs, classes or other activities.

École de langues

L’École de langues de l’UQAM offre des programmes et des cours d’allemand, d’anglais, d’arabe, de chinois, d’espagnol, de français, d’italien, de japonais, de langue des signes québécoise, de portugais et de russe.


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